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Meet Our Farm Family!

PLEASE consider sponsoring a Home Free Farm resident. All donations go directly to the health, care and safety of our animals. Sponsorship packages with photos and information on the sponsored animal will be sent to your home.  We are so grateful for your help! Donations may also be sent by mail, to:        Home Free Farm

                                                                                                                       4763 Petworth Road

                                                                                                                       Harrowsmith, Ontario  Canada

                                                                                                                       K0H 1V0

When he arrived here, named Glen, his skin was raw and covered in sores, his belly dragged on the ground, he was grey and dirty and very unfriendly.  He stands so confidently now, and our Sunny is white with healthy skin and a strong body. I'm so proud of him. He has so many fears and anxieties that still linger, but that boy decided to get well and see what life on the farm with friends is all about.  
I love my big, grumpy man....



Katie and Cassie are a mother and daughter team of Boer goats.

They were being separated and sent to auction, when I heard of them.

Katie was still nursing a 4 month old Cassie, at the time.

Likely, Katie would have been sold for meat, since I was told that she's older and likely not a good breeder longterm. Cassie would have been bought as a breeding goat.

These two are TROUBLEMAKERS! and keep me busy, trying to stay a step ahead of their antics!

$25 per month, per goat



Karma is a 12 year old Appaloosa. I affectionately refer to him as my "unicorn without the horn". He's a magical, powerful, sensitive boy who loves his farm family, animals and humans alike. He was rescued in December, 2014, from a loving farm that sadly could not afford him any more.

Ronan is a 19 year old Clydesdale. He is a gentle giant and very set in his ways. He has an uncanny ability to sneak up on visitors without them hearing! Ronan was a very sick boy, when I became his caregiver and friend. He lived here, at this farm when we bought it, and his previous owners couldn't find a new home for him. It was an easy decision to       allow him to stay here, even though I knew that his health was failing. A year later, Ronan is back to running, is maintaining a very healthy weight, and enjoying his retirement.

                                          $50 per month, per horse



Kiwi came to me at 10 months old. A family had bought her for their young daughter, and Kiwi was living in their garage of their city home. After a few months, the family decided that they could smell Kiwi, in the house, and posted an ad to give her away. It was mentioned in the ad that someone needed to take her, or she'd end up "bacon", which started a torrent of activity to help this baby find a home. In her early months, Kiwi had become pregnant, and gave birth to 5 stillborn babies in the family's garage. 

$30 per month



These four girls were the first pigs to find a home on our farm. Being sold as "tender ham for Christmas", we picked up four 80 pound piglets and gave them a permanent home. They are beyond smart, incredibly affectionate, and adept at jumping and climbing over fences. They are a Tamworth/Berkshire cross, and are often admired for their beautiful colouring.

                                        $50 per month, per pig



Elvis was the first pot bellied pig to join our family. He spent the first 7 years of his life as a house pig, but his owners' divorce caused the decision to be made that Elvis would need to find a new home. There is no question, that Elvis is the top pig, in the pot belly pen. He adjusted very quickly to farm life, and moved around the barnyard like he'd been born here.

$30 per month



This boy was our second pot belly to join the family, after Elvis. Gordon was also a house pig, prior to coming here. His owner was told by a breeder that Gordon was a micro-mini pig, and as he grew to a normal size, his owner was forced to follow city by-laws in her area and send Gordon here. He was an immaculately cared for house pig, and his transition to farm life took a bit of time. Now, he and Elvis run the show around here. Best friends, loving life on the farm.

$30 per month


Jillian fell out of a slaughter truck when she was a baby. She was found in a ditch, and a police officer brought her to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, where she healed from her injuries. After her spay, she came here to our farm to live out her life. Thank you, to Cedar Row, for saving her life. Jillian is a sweet, gentle, playful, ticklish pig. Her best friend is Winnie, and the two of them will grow old together, here.

$50 per month


Winnie was born, as all of our big pigs were, into the meat system. The farmer offered his granddaughter Winnie as a piglet, to play with and raise until auction. The teen fell in love, and worked tirelessly to find Winnie a home where she could live out her life. Winnie continues to grow, make trouble, charm and snuggle. Her antics around the farm are endless...my favourite being her love of chasing the tractor.

$50 per month


Belle's history is unknown. Her condition was extremely poor, when I was asked to pick her up at her previous farm. Her skin continues to improve, losing some weight has greatly increased her mobility, and she has adjusted well with the other pigs. Belle is missing one eye, and the other has little to no sight. She uses her nose, to find her way, with great success. Belle's age is unknown. Her spirit, sweet face and determination are a daily inspiration to me.

$30 per month



Missy came from a micro-mini pig breeder, who sold her to a woman who after a week decided not to keep her. She had been bred, was 5 months old, and I rescued her to take her out of the breeding world. She ended up not being pregnant, NOR a micro-mini pig. She's a big, strong, healthy pot belly with a massive personality. Missy is a belly-rub fanatic, and will drop to the ground at the slightest touch. Very affectionate girl.

$30 per month



I received a message, one day in December 2014, that someone had a four month old pig in their home and her health was failing. I went to the home, and this little girl was covered in mange- skin bleeding, eye infection, fever. I was told that Vet care was not affordable, so Sadie was surrendered to me. She was rushed to our Vet, and was treated. Sadie is Missy's best friend, a small but mighty girl who loves to run (zoomies!) around the barnyard.

$30 per month



Pink and Lily were house pigs. Their owner lost her home, and the girls needed to be welcomed into a new home immediately. Their transition from house to farm was difficult...and Lily suffered from depression for several weeks after arriving here. Now, the girls are an active part of our farm family, but their difficult transition is a reminder that pigs are as resistant to change as humans are, and introducing a new home can be a very difficult process. The girls are still sharing their own space, months later, and won't sleep with the other pot bellies in the big pen.

$30 per month, per pig


Ginger is approximately 6 years old, and was purchased at auction by someone who couldn't care for her. She is a beautiful girl, with a wild mane and a love for kicking out at anyone who messes with her food. She's very fond of being groomed, and will stand patiently to be brushed. She's a sweet, young spirit, and loves to run. She arrived here with her friend, Elizabeth, another mini mare. The two of them are inseparable.

$30 per month


Elizabeth is a 12 year old mini mare. She's very shy, and not keen on grooming or hoof care. She has gentle, dark eyes that are always watching the goings-on around her. 

Elizabeth and Ginger are a bonded pair, and are rarely far from each other. I have no history, medical or otherwise, on the mini mares. 

$30 per month


All of our birds are retired egg layers, or "spent hens", either from family farms or factory farms. It's my promise, to them, that they will be free here- well fed, dust baths, and the ability to spread their wings in the sun. Our birds hold a special place in my heart. Their will to survive and unique personalities touch my heart, every day.

*please contact me regarding sponsorship options

Thelma and Louise

These girls were rescued from the meat industry. They were placed in a temporary boarding situation, since their rescuer wasn't ready for them. The boarding facility ended up being less than ideal for these active girls, and their permanent home fell through. I was asked to take them.

Thelma and Louise are very energetic, very motivated by food, and extremely intelligent. They are learning and adapting to our farm schedule, now, and are starting to fill out, as they arrived very thin. They are obsessed with mud, and will lie in their mud hole all day long.

$50 per month, per pig

Charity, Faith and Hope

Charity was a part of a group of ewes that had just given birth and were headed onto a slaughter truck. She had no milk for her babies. I chose Charity, to live here, because she was the only Mom with twins, where the other Moms had only one baby. All of the babies were sold, and all of the adults were sent to auction that day.  I wish that I could have taken them all. Within 2 days, Charity's milk came in, and she was feeding her babies on her own. This little family is a beautiful addition to our farm family. Charity is an incredible mother, to her little girls.

$30 per month


We have several barn cats that have a permanent home with us- notably, 6 feral rescues from South Carolina that were vaccinated, spayed and brought here by their young rescuer. There are times, where a local feral will arrive at our barn and give birth. It's important that these strays are spayed, after weaning their babies. Any kittens that I'm not able to find homes for, will also need to be spayed or neutered. This, combined with care and feeding of these wonderful animals, creates a need for a Veterinary fund, specifically for strays. 
                                                      *please contact me for sponsorship options


Another sad story, of a farm without the ability to support it's animals. Piper and Griffen arrived here in desperate need of hoof care, with hooves that were terribly overgrown. They were matted, and their coats were dull. Over their first few months here, I've earned enough trust from them that they are now beautifully groomed with properly trimmed feet. They are beautiful, sensitive boys, and both around 12 years old, giving them a long life ahead on our farm.

$50 per horse, per month



We have given a home to 5 Welsh Mountain Sheep-

Phillip, Sylvia (pictured), Margaret, Virginia and Nanny McPhee.

They came from a farm with too many animals to feed, and though they were meant to go to a hobby farm, when that fell through last minute, we agreed to welcome them to our family.

They have just been sheared, for the first time in years. I can't imagine the relief that they felt.

A new start!

$25 per sheep, per month